The Tacoma XtraCab Is Back (Here Are the Details)

The Toyota Tacoma XtraCab replaces the Access Cab as a true 2-door with no back seats, offering more cargo space behind the front seats but sacrificing passenger capacity.

Key Points:

  • The XtraCab cofiguration is back after a 20-year hiatus to replace the Access Cab.
  • XtraCab offers two doors with no back seats.
  • Features lockage storage areas on the rear wall and floor.
  • Passenger seat folds flat, allowing use as a workspace, which includes a water bottle holder.
  • XtraCab is available on the SR, SR5 and TRD PreRunner models.

Attempting to figure out the various cab configurations of any pickup can be difficult, especially with all of the changes with each generation.

With the 2024 Tacoma re-launching the XtraCab after a 20-year hiatus, some are excited about the change while others are disappointed.

Here, I’ll explain the XtraCab to you and show you what makes it different from the Double Cab and the previously-available Access Cab. I also illustrate some pricing, along with the pros and cons, so you know what’s best for your situation.

What Is an XtraCab?

The term cab configuration is used to describe the interior space of the truck. It also relates to how many doors the pickup may have.

The XtraCab Tacoma is a two-door pickup with no back seats.

2024 Toyota Tacoma XtraCab
2024 Tacoma SR5 XtraCab

Toyota introduced the XtraCab with the 1st-gen Tacoma (1995-2004). However, it was replaced by the Access Cab for the 2nd– and 3rd-gen Tacomas (2005-2023).

With the start of the 4th-generation Tacoma (2024), the XtraCab is back.


With only two doors and no back seat, the XtraCab has room to hold gear and equipment in the cab.

There’s lockable storage in the form of a rear panel with pegboard, ideal for storing tools, fishing poles or a shovel.

Lockage Storage, Wall, Closed
Lockable rear storage panel (closed)
Lockage Storage, Wall, Open
Lockable rear storage panel (open)

There’s also lockable storage on the floor to hold a tacklebox, toolbox, or small packs. Access to these storage areas is seamless with a long-sliding driver’s seat. 

Lockable Storage, Floor, Closed
Lockage floor storage (closed)
Lockable Storage, Floor, Opened
Lockage floor storage (open)

The passenger seat folds flat, allowing use as a workspace, which includes a water bottle holder. 

Fold-flat Passenger Seat
Fold-flat passenger seat


Pricing and Availability

The XtraCab configuration is available on the SR, SR5 and TRD PreRunner models. XtraCab models have a lower starting price than the Double Cab but can also be combined with four-wheel drive. 

For the lowest MSRP, consider the SR XtraCab with two-wheel drive. The highest-priced XtraCab is the SR5 with four-wheel drive.

Of course, the various optional equipment and your location can affect these prices. 

GradeCabDriveBed SizePrice
SRDouble Cab4×25′$33,700
SRDouble Cab4×45′$36,900
SR5Double Cab4×25′$37,200
SR5Double Cab4×26’$38,420
SR5Double Cab4×45′$40,400
SR5Double Cab4×46′$40,900
TRD PreRunnerXtraCab4×26’$38,100

Pros and Cons

What is the purpose of driving the XtraCab Tacoma?

For starters, it has a lower price point, as seen above.

With the lockable storage, there’s also more space to hold specialized equipment. Those specialized areas also create more organization.

On the flip side, you can’t fit four people. The previously-available Access Cab and Double Cab models have rear seats.

Additionally, it’s more challenging to get to the back of the cab for storage because there are only two doors. However, keep in mind that the long-slide driver’s seat and fold-flat passenger seat do make things easier.

XtraCab vs. Access Cab

2019 Tacoma Access Cab
2019 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

Choosing between the XtraCab and Access Cab Tacomas isn’t as difficult as you may think.

The Access Cab is no longer an available option, so buying a new truck doesn’t give you that choice. However, if you are looking at used Tacoma trucks, you’ll want to consider both.

So, what are the differences between the Access Cab and XtraCab?

The Tacoma Access Cab has small doors in the rear. These doors open backward to allow access to the second row of seats (which is why it’s called an Access Cab).

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab with doors open
Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

While there are four seats with the Access Cab, the seats aren’t very spacious, so they are best reserved for children. It’s the equivalent of a Ford SuperCab, a Chevy Double Cab or a RAM Quad Cab. 

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab interior view
Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

With the XtraCab, the rear doors and seats are removed. There are only two doors and two seats.

Behind the front seats is storage space for organizing gear. It’s the equivalent of a Ford, Chevy or RAM Regular Cab.

(Green Toyota)

XtraCab vs. Double Cab

2024 Tacoma Double Cab
2024 Tacoma Double Cab

Today’s new Tacomas come with the option to choose an XtraCab or Double Cab, so it’s important to understand the distinctions. 

The front leg room of 41.8 inches is the same with both configurations. Front passengers have the same level of comfort either way. The main differences have to do with what’s behind the front seat.

XtraCab Tacoma trucks only have front seats. Behind that, there’s room for storing items and tools. Toyota provides a lockable rear storage panel with pegboard integration and two deep lockable storage compartments. The front passenger seat also folds flat to create a workspace.

The XtraCab has two doors and comes outfitted with the larger 6’ bed. Getting to the cargo area can be difficult without a rear door, but Toyota installed a long-sliding driver’s seat to help improve accessibility. In reality, you won’t be climbing in the back of the cab, so you don’t need as much space as you may think.

On the other hand, the Double Cab offers a rear seat for extra passengers. It also has a four-door design, allowing easy access to the back seat, but it lacks the in-cab cargo space. However, the 60/40 split seats do fold down to create some under-seat storage.

The equivalent of the Double Cab from other manufacturers is the Ford SuperCrew and the RAM or Chevy Crew Cab. 

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Choosing between an XtraCab and a Tacoma with four doors isn’t difficult, as each appeals to a different market.

The XtraCab tends to be better for workers who don’t need a lot of passenger room but would like secure holding spots for gear. The Double Cab and previously-offered Access Cab give more seating space. If you are on the fence, stop by a local dealership to check them both out.

What are your thoughts about the re-emergence of the Tacoma XtraCab? Do you think it will be a hit or is there a lack of demand for these pickups?

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  1. Tom Trevorrow says:

    HARDER to get items in and out of the cab, plus having to reposition the seat. Seems bit awkward.

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      We’ll try to get our hands on an XtraCab as soon as possible to film a video test of the space.