2024 Tacoma’s Removable JBL Speaker Takes Music Anywhere

A unique feature on the 2024 Tacoma is a removable JBL speaker that pops out of the dashboard.

Key Points:

  • Toyota has collaborated with JBL to add a removable speaker to the dashboard.
  • The speaker is custom-designed for the Tacoma.
  • The speaker acts as an extension of the normal audio system.
  • Simply press a button to eject the speaker and take it on-the-go.
  • Can be synced to play music with up to 100 other JBL speakers at once.

There’s some exciting news has been unveiled about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma. It’s full of unique, new features and has the truck community pretty excited.

One such feature worth learning more about is the Tacoma’s removable JBL speaker.

In this guide, I explain the new JBL speaker to you. I show you where it’s located and describe how to use it. You’ll also learn what trim levels it comes with.

Speaker Details

tacoma jbl speaker on tailgate

Here’s what makes this speaker unique.

Custom Design

This is a custom speaker designed specifically for the Tacoma. You won’t find it available in JBL’s typical product lineup.

In regards to their offerings with Toyota, JBL has said: “…in a custom blend of art and science, they select, piece, and fine-tune every speaker to the interior of the vehicle.”

It’s a pretty visually appealing design. It has a unique shape that pairs well with the new Tacoma design. The speaker is not huge and cumbersome, but it’s still large enough that you’ll get impressive sound quality and volume.

Since JBL took the time to finely tune this product specifically for the Tacoma, it is sure to fit your needs for various scenarios.

Great for any occasion

This speaker will be very useful for camping and adventure. You can use it to easily stream music around your campsite.

This new speaker will also be great for other occasions such as tailgate parties or even on a job site. Because of its convenience, it is useful in many different scenarios.

Robust Build Quality

If you’ve used a JBL bluetooth speaker before, you know about their build quality.

JBL bluetooth speakers are very durable. They are waterproof and dirt resistant as well (JBL). I would expect this to be the case for this speaker as well.

This is great for Tacoma owners, since many people will be using this speaker on adventures involving rough terrain and dirt, where durability will be essential. I’m confident that this speaker does not disappoint in terms of durability.

There are some other cool features that separate this speaker apart. I’ll talk more about these features in a bit.

Where It’s Located 

This removable speaker will be mounted on the dash, right behind the main touchscreen display, as I’ve highlighted in the photo below.

2024 tacoma interior with dashboard speaker view

With the simple push of a button, users can eject the speaker for use remotely. This is a great location for this speaker since it is within reach of both the driver and passenger.

When it’s time to hit the road again, the speaker can be inserted back to its original location.

How It Works

2024 Tacoma removable speaker

Of course, this is a bluetooth speaker, so you won’t need any cords or connections to stream audio from your device.

What’s cool about the removable speaker in the Tacoma is that it acts as an extension of your truck’s audio system, just like in the 2022 Rivian R1T. This improves the overall quality and surround-sound experience of the speakers in the cabin.

When you’re ready to take your sound outside of the truck, simply eject the speaker out of its place and take it with you. It’s a very easy process.

Another fantastic feature is that you can pair your speaker with other Tacoma owners. If you have a few Tacoma buddies around, you can connect your speakers to stream the same audio at the same time. You can connect up to 100 of these JBL speakers together!

When the battery gets low, simply return it to its center mounting spot for a recharge. There is no information available yet about battery life, but I will update this article when that information is available.

Compatible Trim Levels

toyota trailhunter camp site

With previous Toyota trucks, the JBL premium sound system equipment has never been included with the base model. The same goes for 2024, but I’m surprised that it is available on nearly every trim (we’ll get to that in a second).

The removable speaker comes paired with various packages, so pricing varies significantly and you’ll be getting other features as well.

Here are the trims that the speaker is available on:

  • SR5 (option)
  • TRD Sport (option)
  • TRD Off-Road (option)
  • Limited (standard)
  • Trailhunter (standard)
  • TRD Pro (standarD)

The removable speaker comes paired with a fully upgraded JBL sound system.


Similar Features on Other Vehicles

2022 Rivian R1T removable speaker

Toyota isn’t the only automaker offering this type of technology. For example, with the Rivian R1T Launch Edition, the Adventure Package includes a removable portable speaker.

Rivian’s speaker docks in front of the center console and charges itself wirelessly. It can also be charged with USB-C technology in the cabin. 

With the Rivian setup, the speaker can be used to extend the truck’s stereo system, just like the Tacoma. Otherwise, it connects to a compatible smartphone so users can stream or play the device’s existing library. 


Toyota’s History With JBL

Not only has JBL been offering premium sound in Toyota vehicles since 1996, but the company is also a proud sponsor of Toyota Motorsports. Today, you can find JBL offerings in the majority of the Toyota lineup, proving it has become a great partnership.

There are two recent technologies offered by JBL for Toyota that truly stand out among the competition. 

  • Clari-Fi®: Analyzes and restores high-quality audio files, bringing out the best from digitally compressed music. 
  • QuantumLogic® Surround (QLS): This proprietary technology separates sources into individual audio streams, the room sound, instruments, and performers. The signals get redistributed to the speakers best tuned for each sound to create a surround sound experience for every listener in the cabin. 

Get Ready for an Immersive Experience 

I am left thinking about all the places I’ll want to use this speaker. I can’t wait to test this out on camping trips, tailgating adventures, and other excursions!

While I am excited to try out the JBL removable speaker, there are many other aspects to look forward to with the 4th-gen Tacoma lineup. I imagine this will be but one of many features I want to experience. 

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