2024 Toyota Tacoma Colors: Get Ready to Turn Heads

From timeless black to rugged Terra, the 2024 Tacoma's 10-color lineup offers exciting choices for any buyer.

The newly-released 2024 Toyota Tacoma has stepped up the bar when it comes to exterior design.

As we all know, colors are an important component of exterior vehicle design. If a great body style is matched with poor color options, then the vehicle simply won’t look any good!

For the new 2024 Tacoma, Toyota has unleashed an exceptional line of exterior color options. They bring back most of their classic palette with the addition of some brand-new colors that pair well with the new design.

Note: TRD Pro and Trailhunter color availability is not released yet.

2024 toyota tacoma color wheel

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated look that flies under the radar or you prefer to turn some heads, the all-new Tacoma is sure to offer a color option to suit your needs.

In this article, I’ll list and describe the 10 colors available on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.


This classic color brings sophisticated masculinity to this truck. It is a deep shade of midnight black and comes with a sleek exterior that shines in the light. This color commands attention and will steal the show without being overly flashy.  This jet-black truck will definitely turn heads when you are out on the road.

Compatible Grades:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Blue Crush Metallic

Blue Crush Metallic is a bold choice in color.  This fun, robust blue is attention-grabbing in just the right way.  The shiny finish with metallic flakes gives the truck a whole new depth and dimension.  This rich shade is full of style and personality and gives off a sense of calm confidence.

Compatible Grades:

  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Bronze Oxide

This flagship color for the Tacoma Trailhunter trim level is a dusty gold that gives the truck a rugged appearance. This shade is more of a brown with an undercoat of grey.  This exceptional color has a metallic finish in which you can see specks of a gold color up close. This understated color is modern and exciting and will shine while you’re out on your adventures.

Compatible Grades:

  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Celestial Silver Metallic

This silver color is anything but boring. This shade offers a sleek metallic, pearlescent finish which gives it more depth than the regular silver color seen on most vehicles. It has undertones of grey, which adds a subtle flair to the truck.  This timeless color is not over top and gives you an edge in a sea of silver.

Compatible Grades:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD PreRunner
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Ice Cap

This hue provides a timeless, sophisticated look for the Tacoma.  It is a cool snow-white with a flat finish. This color is a solid choice for any Tacoma.  It brings a simple fresh feel, and you’ll definitely want to show this vehicle off.  It’s an excellent choice in color for those who want to still stand out but in a more subtle way. 

Compatible Grades:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD PreRunner
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road

Solar Octane

Solar Octane packs a punch.  This fierce, bold color is head-turning.  It is a vibrant shade of orange with red undertones.  This unique hue will give you a boost of confidence and will allow you to stand out from the crowd.  See it for yourself at your local dealership to see if this fun color is for you.

Compatible Grades:

  • TRD PreRunner
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road

Supersonic Red

Supersonic Red is a deep, bold color.  This shade has a beautiful exterior shine that reflects in the light.  This vehicle represents power and confidence. It pops without being overly showy.  It has depth and dimension that will make you stand out from the crowd. Having a truck in this exciting color will make driving more enjoyable.

Compatible Grades:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD PreRunner
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited


Terra is a brand new color in Toyota’s lineup for the TRD Pro. It’s inspired by the breathtaking and distinctive color of Antelope Canyon. This color exhibits a vibrant and earthy red hue. The brightness of this color is intensified by the sun, revealing a stunning display of crimson. This color is sure to be a top pick for TRD Pro owners in 2024.

Compatible Grades:

  • TRD Pro


This new color for Tacoma is a deep and dark shade of grey with a flat finish.  It looks almost black with shades of silver and blue undertones.  This unique and eye-catching shade has a subtle earthy feel to it. This dark gradient color provides a sleek modern look for the Tacoma.

Compatible Grades:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • TRD PreRunner
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Wind Chill Pearl

Wind Chill Pearl has a classic look and feel.  It is a bright white hue with a glossy exterior providing a polished look for your vehicle. It’s not too flashy and, in the right light, will glimmer in the sun.  It has a beautiful pearly sheen and gives a comprehensive look that is perfect for your Tacoma. Consider this timeless hue for your drive.

Compatible Grades:

  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

Comparing the Tacoma’s Colors to Its Competitors

If you’re still on the fence about the new 2024 Tacoma, perhaps you’re still looking at the competition. Let’s look at some other mid-size trucks and see what color options are available.

Chevrolet Colorado

chevy colorado

The Chevy Colorado comes with a nice selection of colors. It includes the basic grayscale colors such as black, white, and silver, but also features exciting colors like red, yellow, and blue. Many of the Colorado’s colors are similar to the Tacoma, although you won’t find yellow in Toyota’s lineup.

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Glacier Blue Metallic
  • Harvest Bronze Metallic
  • Nitro Yellow Metallic
  • Radiant Red Tintcoat
  • Sand Dune Metallic
  • Sterling Gray Metallic
  • Summit White


Ford Ranger

ford ranger

The Ford Ranger is available in various appealing colors. They offer most of the essential colors, with a few variations of red and gray so you can find exactly what shade you’re looking for.

Colors available:

  • Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Cactus Gray
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic
  • Hot Pepper Red Metallic
  • Iconic Silver Metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Velocity Blue Metallic


Nissan Frontier

nissan frontier

The Frontier’s design pairs well with the colors offered in Nissan’s lineup. There are plenty of unique and classic colors to choose from.

Colors available:

  • Baja Storm Metallic
  • Boulder Gray Pearl
  • Cardinal Red TriCoat
  • Deep Blue Pearl
  • Glacier White
  • Gun Metallic
  • Red Alert
  • Super Black
  • Tactical Green Metallic


Jeep Gladiator

jeep gladiator

Jeep has done a great job engineering colors for the Gladiator. They offer the basics, as well as some special colors like Limited Edition Earl (blueish-gray) and High Velocity (neon yellow) that you definitely won’t find from any other manufacturer.

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Bright White
  • Firecracker Red
  • Granite Crystal Metallic
  • High Velocity
  • Hydro Blue Pearl
  • Limited Edition Earl
  • Sarge Green
  • Silver Zynith
  • Sting-Gray


Honda Ridgeline

honda ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a simple design paired with simple colors, but it gets the job done well. You can’t go wrong when choosing from the exterior colors offered on the Ridgeline.

Colors available:

  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl
  • Pacific Pewter Metallic
  • Platinum White Pearl
  • Radiant Red Metallic II
  • Sonic Gray Pearl


Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Tacoma

When it comes to choosing between these colors, there are a few things to consider.

Color is such an important aspect of vehicle ownership (at least for most people). The exterior color is one of the most defining characteristics of the truck, so you’ll want to choose one that aligns with your needs and style.

Personal Preference

Typically, the first factor you’ll want to consider is personal preference. Think about which color goes most with your style. Do you want to fly under the radar with the classic Celestial Silver Metallic? Or perhaps you want to draw the attention of others with the vibrant Solar Octane color.

Picture yourself driving down the road with these colors. Which one best suits your style?


What you’re using the truck for may influence which color you should choose.

For example, if you’re using this as a practical work truck, you may want to keep it simple with Wind Chill Pearl, Black, or Celestial Silver Metallic.

On the other hand, perhaps you own a business and want to use your truck as a form of advertisement. It may be better to choose Solar Octane, Supersonic Red, or Bronze Oxide to get the attention of potential customers on the road.


Your environment can also play an important role in which color is a great option for your Tacoma.

Dark colors, such as Black, will absorb more light and cause your truck to get hotter in intense sunshine. On the other hand, Ice Cap, Wind Chill Pearl, or Celestial Silver Metallic will help reflect light and keep your truck cooler in the summer (phys.org).

You should also consider how dirty your environment will be. If you’ll be on dirt roads, in mud, or live in a rainy environment, colors like Underground, Bronze Oxide, Black, and Celestial Silver Metallic will help hide the dirt. Colors like Ice Cap and Wind Chill Pearl will reveal a lot of dirt and will be difficult to keep clean.

Resale Value

The color you choose for your Tacoma could affect your future resale value. If maximizing resale value is important to you, then you should choose the color carefully.

According to iSeeCars, certain colors can lead to lower resale value as a result of depreciation.

Based on their data, you can expect colors like Supersonic Red, Black, Ice Cap, Wind Chill Pearl, and Celestial Silver Metallic to depreciate the value of the vehicle more than average. On the other hand, colors like Blue Crush Metallic, Underground, Bronze Oxide, and Solar Octane will help your Tacoma retain its resale value.

Of course, this is based on averages, so the actual results could be different.


Most people don’t consider safety when choosing a vehicle color, but the color of your Tacoma can influence your crash risk.

A study by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) found that certain colors increased or decreased the risk of a crash.

Based on this data, you should know that some of the Tacoma’s colors could lead to an increased risk of a crash, such as Supersonic Red, Celestial Silver Metallic, Blue Crush Metallic, and Underground.

Your safest option for your Tacoma’s color is either Ice Cap or Wind Chill Pearl, since white was shown to reduce the risk of a crash.

What Color Are You Interested In?

Based on the photos, videos, and explanations, which colors are you most interested in for the 2024 Tacoma?

Leave your comments below!

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  1. UNDERGROUND is my first choice with BRONZE OXIDE as my second choice. I own two Tacomas and two 4 Runners all in Black…but that is changing with my 2024 Tacoma.

    1. Michael Bauman says:

      I have a 2023 Barcelona red its my favorite Tacima color. wish my 2024 could be the same.

  2. What happened to the Military green? Will I be able to order it on the 2024?

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      It is not available on the 2024 Tacoma as far as we know. There is only 1 unreleased color, which probably will not be Military Green.

  3. Alex Vargo says:

    The new trail hunter bronze is a hot out of the park! Beyond rugged and classy all roiled into one amazing option for the new Tacoma and hopefully for my selfish-ness on the new 6th Gen 4Runner 😀.

    I own a lfted 2003 V8 Limited 4runner with 351,xxx miles and going strong as ever, going from Denver to Black hawk, one of North Americas toughest hill climbs in the US, like a bat out of hell for years and years! Take care of it and it takes care of you !

  4. Tacomacaster says:

    I wish they’d bring quicksand tan back. I know so many people that want it & a few that actually went with a different truck because they couldn’t get Tacoma in tan.

  5. Steve Krugger says:

    Looking forward to ordering a 2024 Tacoma. Have Owned several. Many same out the box colors. My current Tacoma the burnt orange. Love it . I do like the green electric lime but does not show it in customer choice. Looking forward to seeing what the mistery color will be. Excited for Toyota to at least start taking orders. Those lot shoppers will wait til they hit lot’s. Needs be advantage to ordering.

  6. George Salvesen says:

    Will there be a motor option with zero percent hybrid or electric engine and 100% gasoline and if so how will the power be compared to the V6 engine from last 20+ years?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated..

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      Hi George,

      No there will not be. All the new engines will be hybrid. The new engines should be just as powerful, but more fuel-efficient.

  7. Bill Pomeroy says:

    Love my current voodoo blue. Was hoping for it in the 24 model
    Will have to hold on to mine a bit longer until they offer it again

  8. I wish they would offer the Lunar Rock color for2024. If not, I’ll be looking at Underground.

  9. Lash Formby says:

    Supersonic Red
    Wind Chill Pearl
    Tacoma Limited. Short Bed
    Interior colors will there be options?

  10. Penny Schlemmer says:

    I like the bronze oxide best. I how it will come in the modle I want though since I can’t get 2023’s lunar rock that I like best.

  11. Lash Formby says:

    My favorite colors would be wind chill pearl then supersonic red and ice cap white

  12. Sad to see miliary green and quicksand tan off the choices here. I would choose bronze oxide but not sure if it comes in something other than the one model…underground would be a second choice.

  13. Cindy D Kimerling says:

    I thought I saw a picture of a 2024 Tacoma Sport in metallic green – my favorite color. Is it available? Also saw one in a lime green.

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      Nope, not available on 2024. Only what’s listed in this article is available.

  14. I’ve had a Maroone Toyota Standard pickup 4×4, Super White and Gray Tacomas!
    I’d love to get my hands on a used Orange Tacoma…love the color!!!
    In all honesty I’m also a UF Gator Grad!