Toyota Tacoma’s Red Interior: Rev Up Your Drive

Back in the 1970s and 80s, red interiors were all the rage. Over the decades, fewer people chose red interiors, so many manufacturers stopped offering them. Toyota is one of the select automakers that provide this color with the Tacoma.

In this article, I show you the details of the red interior of the Tacoma and reveal the trim levels it’s available with. I also give you a few aftermarket accessories that would pair well with this interior color.

What It Looks Like

You may not even know that the Tacoma offers a red interior. It’s not too common, but it does exist!

Let’s talk about the red interior available on the Tacoma on the 3rd and 4th generations.

3rd Generation (2016-2023)

The red interior on the 3rd gen Tacoma might not be what you expect. It’s not a full red interior, but rather a black/grey interior with accents in various parts of the interior.

While the majority of the cabin is still black, these features are red:

  • Half of the door panels – front doors with Access cab models and all four doors on the Double Cab
  • The panel above the glovebox
  • Stitching

The red hue isn’t too bright, but it still gives a nice pop of color. It is bright enough to give a sporty and luxurious feel without being overwhelming. 

On third-generation Tacomas (2016-2023), the red interior is available on the SR5. The third-generation TRD Pro also has a partially red interior, it only includes the stitching.

4th Generation (2024+)

If you were hoping for more red in the interior, rather than just a few pieces and some stitching, you’re in luck. The newly-redesigned 2024 Tacoma will be featuring a more comprehensive red interior, as seen in press release photos.

2024 toyota tacoma trd pro with red interior
2024 toyota tacoma trd pro with red interior - back seats

The new TRD Pro will be featuring an impressive red interior which gives the truck a sporty interior appearance. With this new design, the seats are red as well as some pieces of the dashboard and doors.

You’ll also see a red stripe on the gear shifting and steering wheel to emphasize the sportiness of this truck. The final touch is red “TRD Pro” badging that can be found all around the interior of the truck.

While the interiors of these trucks are red, it makes no difference to the truck’s exterior. You still choose the exterior color, and none of the pieces are altered to match the red cabin. 

Benefits of a Red Interior

Everyone’s tastes and preferences differ, so what about the red interior appeals to some people?

Based on color psychology studies, here are some possible reasons:

  • It’s eye-catching, bold, vibrant and unique
  • Red invokes feelings of passion, confidence, and excitement, leading to a better driving experience
  • Seems luxurious
  • Red is mood-boosting color
  • Increases energy levels, which is helpful during a long drive or in traffic
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Additionally, an article from Psychology Today says, “Warm colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, and red, can motivate and energize us. However, if they’re too intense, they can also be irritating” (Barbara Koltuska-Haskin P.h.D).

Red is also known to indicate power, ambition, and a desire to be seen. 

(US Car Review, Color Psychology)

Many of these statements ring true for me when I look at the red interior of the Tacoma. However, there’s one that seems slightly off for the third-generation Tacoma. If red indicates luxury, it might have been better suited on the Limited trim instead of the SR5. It seems odd that it’s on the SR5, which is one of the lower trim levels.

However, the red interior of the new TRD Pro fits it quite well. It emphasizes the sportiness and boldness of the TRD Pro, especially since the seats and accent stripes reflect this color as well.

Pricing and Availability

You don’t need to spend anything extra to choose the red interior with your Tacoma truck. However, it’s only available with the SR5 trim level, which starts at $30,930 (depending on location).

The TRD Pro also has a red interior option, but it’s not to the same extent as the SR5. With this model, you only get red stitching, not all of the colored door panels or the area over the glovebox. 

While you can choose the red interior on your Tacoma SR5, it can’t be paired with the Blue Crush Metallic exterior paint. There are five other exterior colors you must choose from.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

On the Tacoma World forum, many owners have discussed the red interior, and the feedback is mostly positive. Here are a few of the quotes to consider.

  • “I wasn’t aware red interior was offered in Tacoma…always been a desired color in high-end sports & luxury cars. Would of chose red if it had been available for my ‘18 TRD sport.”
  • “Didn’t know red interior was an option…I understand you might want something other than the dull awful interior ‘choices’…don’t give much in [the] way of choices in interior colors…I hated the interior of Tacomas.”
  • “I would have been all over the red interior option.”

Overall, it appears that Toyota needs to do a better job of marketing the red interior. Many consumers aren’t aware it exists. 

How to Find One

red interior cabin overview

Are you on the hunt to find a red Tacoma interior? If so, I have a few tips for you, depending on whether you want a new or used Tacoma.

Buying a New Tacoma: 

  • Check the SR5 stock at your local Toyota dealerships. I searched the local dealerships in Phoenix, Arizona, and had trouble finding any, so you may need to put in some extra effort.
  • Ask to custom-order one through the dealership.
  • Have the dealership notify you if one becomes available.

Buying a Used Tacoma: 

  • Check online car marketplaces, such as or These sites make it simple to filter the options so that you can narrow it down to just the Tacoma SR5. There may also be an option for the interior color.
  • Check local marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace or the NextDoor app. Since there hasn’t been a lot of interest in the red interior, it may be a hard truck to find used. 

If all else fails, remember that plenty of aftermarket accessories are available, making it easy to turn any interior red. 


Does the red interior of the Tacoma interest you enough to go hunting for it? Considering you don’t need to pay extra for it, you may enjoy the search if red is one of your favorite colors.

Once you get your hands on one, you’ll know that it is unique and designed for a select market. The only thing left is to get out there and enjoy the ride. 

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