Toyota Tacoma SR vs. SR5: What to Know Before You Buy

The Tacoma SR and SR5 are great choices for the value-conscious buyer, but there's still a notable price difference between both trims.

If you want a new truck, the biggest decision you must make is what model and trim. Once you’ve decided on the Tacoma, you have plenty of other choices to make. The biggest may come down to the Toyota Tacoma SR5 vs. SR trim levels. How are you supposed to choose?

I help you see the differences, making the selection even more manageable. In this guide, I show you the features, capability, performance, technology, and prices, so you can choose the one that best suits you. 

Design and Features

sr5 interior cabin

There are minimal differences between the two trucks from a design standpoint. They share the same overall appeal and have many of the same features. 


Starting with the exterior design, both trucks come with these features: 

  • 17-in styled alloy wheels
  • Deck rail system with four adjustable tie-down cleats and four fixed cargo bed tie-down points (standard on SR5, option on SR)
  • LED bed lighting (option on both)
  • LED headlights with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), auto on/off feature and manual leveling adjustment
  • Front and rear mudguards (option on both)

Both trucks are available in these configurations:

  • 4×2 XtraCab w/ 6-foot bed
  • 4×2 Double Cab w/ 5-foot bed
  • 4×4 XtraCab w/ 6-foot bed
  • 4×4 Double Cab w/ 5-foot bed

The SR is unique in that it offers a manual transmission on a 4×4 Double Cab configuration with a 5-foot bed. The SR5 is not available with a manual.

The SR5 also offers these configurations which SR does not:

  • 4×2 Double Cab w/ 6-foot bed
  • 4×4 Double Cab w/ 6-foot bed

There are some more exterior differences that you’ll want to know about:

  • SR includes four fixed cargo bed tie-down point instead of the standard adjustable and fixed tie-downs that come standard on SR5
  • SR5 has a color-keyed rear bumper while SR does not
  • SR5 has optional LED fog lights, while these are not available on the SR

You can choose either truck with these five exterior paint colors:

  • Black
  • Underground
  • Ice Cap
  • Supersonic Red
  • Celestial Silver Metallic


As you peek into the cabin of the Tacoma SR5 and SR, it’s easy to see the similarities.

Both trucks offer these comfort and styling features:

  • Smart key system
  • Digital Key capability
  • Fabric-trimmed seats
  • 6-way manually adjustable front seats
  • 2-way manually adjustable lumbar support on driver’s seat
  • 60/40 split, folding rear seats with under-seat storage
  • Polyurethane steering wheel

However, there are some significant differences in the interior:

  • SR5: Power sliding rear window with privacy glass (option)
  • SR: Smart key system only works on driver’s door
  • SR5: Smart key system works on driver and front passenger doors
  • SR5: Heated front seats (option)
  • SR: Manual day/night rearview mirror
  • SR5: Auto-dimming day/night rearview mirror
  • SR5: Automatic climate controls (option)
  • SR5: Leather-trimmed steering wheel (option)
  • SR5: Heated steering wheel (option)

Looking at the interior colors, both trims are available with the Black Fabric. However, the SR5 includes Smoke Silver accents.

sr5 interior seats


There are not many tech features to discuss here.

Inside both models, these tech features are included:

  • 8-in. multimedia screen
  • 6-speaker audio system
  • Three USB ports
  • Wireless Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®
  • Bluetooth®
  • SiriusXM® with a 3-month Platinum Plan trial subscription

The biggest difference is that SR5 has the option to equip a 10-speaker JBL audio system with JBL FLEX portable speaker and a 12.3-in. digital meter with selectable gauge display screens.

jbl flex speaker


Safety isn’t a concern with the Toyota Tacoma trucks. Both the SR5 and SR feature everything you need to remain protected with minor differences.

These trucks both have the Star Safety System™, which includes the following:

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  • Traction Control (TRAC)
  • Brake Assist (BA)
  • Smart Stop Technology® (SST) 

You also get the Toyota Safety Sense™ 3.0 on both trims, which features these systems:

These trucks include these basic features as well:

  • Blind Spot Monitor w/ Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (option on SR, standard on SR5)
  • Backup Guide Monitor
  • Class-IV towing hitch receiver
  • Electric power steering
  • Electric parking brake
  • Easy lower and lift tailgate

The only differences are that the SR5 includes an optional tailgate damper and integrated trailer brake control.


Performance and Capability

Because the Tacoma is available in several configurations, evaluating the varying performance specifications is important. Let’s start with the engine options.

Engine options: The SR5 and SR both come with a 2.4-liter i-FORCE turbocharged four-cylinder engine. However, the SR provides 228 hp/243 lb-ft of torque while the SR5 offers 278 hp/317 lb-ft of torque.

Drivetrain: Additionally, either truck can come with two- or four-wheel drive. With either drivetrain, an 8-speed Electronically Controlled automatic transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) is available on both trims, but the SR also offers a manual transmission.

Suspension: Front suspension is the same with independent double-wishbone. However, the rear SR suspension includes leaf springs while the SR5 offers coil spring multi-link rear suspension.

Towing capacity: Maximum towing capacity of the SR is 3,500 pounds while the SR5 can handle up to 6,400 pounds, depending on the configuraiton.

Both trucks are also available with the same drivetrain options:

  • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD): includes Automatic Limited-Slip Differential (Auto LSD)
  • 4WDemand: Is a part-time 4WD with an electronically controlled transfer case and Automatic Limited-Slip Differential (Auto LSD)


Price and Value

Let’s look at a typical MSRP for the 2024 models:

  • SR: $31,500
  • SR5: $36,200

That’s a price difference of $4,700 in 2024, while 2023 SR and SR5 a small difference of $1,790 between the two trims.

Keep in mind that these prices change based on what truck bed size, cab configuration, engine, and drivetrain you choose.

You’ll need to carefully consider whether the extra features are worth the price difference.


Available Configurations

toyota tacoma sr5

With the SR model, there are several possible combinations available to you. Choose from these options.

  • Drivetrain: 2WD or 4WD
  • Cab configuration: XtraCab or Double Cab
  • Truck bed size: 5’ or 6’
  • Transmission: Manual or Automatic

However, a 5-foot bed is not available with an XtraCab and a 6-foot bed is not available with a Double Cab. Additionally, the manual transmission is only available on the 4WD Double Cab with a 5-foot bed.

In comparison, the SR5 comes with these possible combinations.

  • Drivetrain: 2WD or 4WD
  • Cab configuration: XtraCab or Double Cab
  • Truck bed size: 5’ or 6’
  • Transmission: Automatic

The only restriction here is that the XtraCab is only available with a 6-foot bed.


Should You Buy the Tacoma SR or SR5?

Either Tacoma truck is going to please the value-conscious driver. They are both reasonably priced yet have enough features to be enjoyable. 

To decide, you must figure out what’s important to you. If you want the extra features, the added cost is meaningless in comparison. If you don’t want them, it’s best to save some money and stick with the base model instead. 

You also have other trims to look at. I recommend checking out your local Toyota dealership if these don’t suit you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It stands for Sport Rally 5-Speed. Every Tacoma acronym means something, such as TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development.

Yes, the SR comes with a push-button start.

Only the Double Cab configuration on the SR comes with backseats.

Your Tacoma is Waiting for You

Whether you want a base SR trim level or are willing to spend more on the SR5, your new Tacoma is ready to drive. Check out the selection at your local dealership to see what suits you best.

You can also check out some of my other comparisons if you are looking at other trim levels. With so many options available, it’s easy to get exactly what you want.

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