Does the Toyota Tacoma Have a Tire Pressure Display?

The Tacoma makes it easy to keep track of your tire pressure directly on the dashboard.

Key Points:

  • Some 2016-2024 Tacomas can display the tire pressure on the dashboard.
  • Use the steering wheel arrows to locate the tire pressure display.
  • You can also monitor tire pressure with the Toyota app, a pressure gauge, or the low-air warning light.

One of the most important things you can do for your truck is to ensure there’s enough air in the tires. With the Tacoma tire pressure display, you don’t even need to put a lot of effort into monitoring the pressures. 

In this guide, I describe how the tire pressures are displayed, and I answer some of your top questions. You never have to hit the road uninformed again.

Displaying the Pressure

Newer Toyota Tacoma models make it easy to see the tire pressures. If you have a 2016-2024 Tacoma, the pressures are provided on the multi-information display.

multi-information display

Additionally, these Tacoma models are also equipped with a tire pressure warning system. If the tire’s air pressure drops below the manufacturer’s specification, a sensor transmits the data to the truck’s computer. The computer turns on the tire pressure warning light, so you know to put air in the tire.

Because the multi-information display also shows you how much pressure is in each tire, you will know which one needs to be filled.

Monitoring Options

I advise drivers to check tire pressures once a month. They should also be checked when the weather changes dramatically because temperature affects pressure.

To see the tire pressures on your 2016-2024 Tacoma, you need to navigate the multi-information display using the arrow keys on the steering wheel. With the MID, you see an outline of your truck and the pressures associated with each wheel. By comparing the four numbers, you’ll be able to see if any need more pressure.

tire pressure display closeup toyota tacoma

When using the MID, remember these tips:

  • It’s best to scroll through settings while parked
  • Don’t continuously look at the MID
  • Pay attention to the road if you decide to change any settings while moving

However, the multi-information display isn’t the only way to view the pressures. I also recommend these options:

  • Toyota app: Check tire pressures if you have a paid or trial subscription to Toyota’s Service Connect
  • Manually: Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressures
  • Warning light: The tire pressure warning light should come on when pressure is low, but you shouldn’t rely on it

You’ll also want to know what the tire pressure should be. This figure is listed on your truck’s driver’s side door jamb.

tire pressure sticker

If the tire pressure continues to drop below these recommended pressures, there may be a leak. Have a professional look at it to see if it can be repaired or if it needs replacing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the air pressures on the multi-information display of the 2016-2023 Tacoma trucks. Air pressure can also be checked through the Toyota app (with a subscription) and by using a manual tire pressure gauge. The tire pressure warning light lets you know if they drop too low.

The multi-information display shows the tire pressures of each one. You can also manually check the tires with your air gauge or see the measurements through the Toyota app if you have a subscription.

The recommended tire pressures are determined by Toyota and listed on the driver’s side door jamb. Some Tacoma models have a recommended pressure of 29 to 30 psi for the front and 29 to 33 psi for the rear.


The tires of your Tacoma are the only part of your truck making contact with the road. For that reason alone, you should pay close attention to the pressure. If the tire pressures are low, fill them up before a blowout occurs. 

Even if your safety isn’t compromised, you wear through tires faster when they aren’t properly inflated. Keep the tires filled to the recommended specs and get more life out of them. 

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