Using the Toyota Tacoma’s Multi-Information Display

The Tacoma's multi-information display is located in the dashboard directly in front of the driver and can be used to control vehicle settings, view information, and display alerts.

The Toyota Tacoma comes with many technology features that appeal to drivers. One that’s important to understand is the multi-information display (MID). 

In this guide, I explain what the MID is, and I show you which Tacoma models include it. I also cover how to use the multi-information display, so you can take advantage of all the benefits it offers. 

What Is It?

The multi-information display (MID) is the rectangular space found between the speedometer and tachometer on the dashboard. It’s a four-inch space that provides vehicle data and settings to the driver.

Here are some photos of the multi-information display and its features on a 2022 Toyota Tacoma.

Here’s some of the information that’s displayed in this box:

  • General driving info, such as the odometer and gear the truck is in
  • Vehicle information
  • Settings
  • Warning messages
  • Navigation system linked display with turn-by-turn directions (when equipped)
  • Audio-system linked display (when equipped)

If there’s a malfunction, a message displays in this box to let the driver know, such as the one below.

2022 Toyota Tacoma warning message example

There’s a lot that you can do on the MID. Read more in the owner’s manual or mess with the system yourself to find out what’s included. 



The multi-information display (MID) was first introduced in the 2016 Toyota Tacoma models and is available on all models since.  

Other Toyota vehicles use the multi-information display as well, but some may measure differently. For example, the RAV4 multi-information display measures 7” or 12.3”, depending on which trim level you have.

How to Use

As you sit in the driver’s seat of your Tacoma looking at the multi-information display, you’ll want to know how to use it to reap all of its benefits. I’ve put together some basic steps to get you started.

Locate the directional pad towards the right-hand side of your steering wheel.

steering wheel directional arrow pad
  • Use the arrows to select an item or to change pages
  • The middle button (square) is the enter or select function
  • Hold down the center button will reset the settings
  • Hitting the return arrow takes you back to the previous screen

While parked in your driveway, you can learn a lot about how the system works. Take some time to play with the settings before you hit the road. 

In addition to these basic operating directions, I have some other helpful guidelines about the multi-information display. 

  • It’s best to make changes to the MID while the truck is on but parked in a well-ventilated area
  • Avoid making changes while driving
  • If changes must be made while traveling, use extreme caution
  • Always pay attention to the road and what’s going on around the truck while changing MID settings
  • Avoid looking at the MID continuously while driving. 
  • Once you turn the engine off in the Tacoma, the MID automatically turns off after thirty seconds.

If you need more information, I recommend looking at the owner’s manual for your truck. It provides a wealth of information. You can also find helpful videos on YouTube explaining the Toyota MID in more detail. 



There are so many ways to use the MID to your advantage. Whether you want to change some settings or you need turn-by-turn directions from your connected navigation system, the MID makes it possible. 

Above all, please remain safe while adjusting the multi-information display in your truck. There’s nothing more important than your safety. All of the setting adjustments and data messages can wait until you are in a safe place.

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