Dually Toyota Tacoma: Photos & More

What could look more aggressive than a dually Tacoma? It’s one of those trucks that turn heads everywhere it goes, which is why so many people want to know about then. 

In this guide, I help you understand the pros and cons of a dually Tacoma. I will also show you some pictures of what they look like, so you can see if this style appeals to you.

What Is a “Dually”?

The dually truck has four back wheels instead of two. A typical truck has two rear tires, one on either side. Yet, the dually has two tires on each side in the back, as you can see in the photo below.

dually truck wheels

To accommodate more wheels, the dually also has a stronger rear axle. This design helps to increase the truck’s carrying capacity.

For that reason, dually options are usually only offered with “one-ton” pickups. These trucks can haul more than 2,000 pounds in the bed and tow some of the heaviest trailers, campers, or boats.



If you haven’t seen a Tacoma with the dually setup, take a look at these pictures. These will help you decide if it’s your style or not.

Image credit: @stellarbuilt
Image credit: @stellarbuilt
dually tacoma render
Image credit: @jlord8

Pros and Cons

Making your next Tacoma a dually doesn’t make sense for most people. Consider these pros and cons of the dually truck, in general.

Higher towing and payload capacityReduced fuel economy
Increased stability, especially when towingMore difficult to maneuver and park
Enhanced traction, especially in mud and dirtExpensive
Great for a 5th-wheel trailer or heavy loadsHigher maintenance costs

However, the downsides of having a dually Tacoma go beyond this list because massive modifications need to be made for the truck to accommodate more tires. These are the factors to consider as you look at trucks.

Conversion Kits

Sadly, you aren’t going to find a conversion kit to turn your Tacoma into a dually truck. Dually configurations are normally only found on heavy-duty trucks to increase capacity. The Tacoma doesn’t quite fit the bill.

On Amazon, there are plenty of conversion kits available for Ford, RAM, GMC, and Chevy trucks, but Toyota isn’t going to make a conversion easy. In fact, to modify something like this for your Tacoma, you would need to replace the rear axle. Even after that’s done, you create too much damage to return it back to stock.

This means that unless Toyota decides to offer a dually Tacoma from the factory (which they never will), you’ll need to custom-fabricate all parts to convert your Tacoma to a dually.

Remember, you can do anything you want to your Tacoma with enough money and patience. It’s just a matter of whether it’s worth the time and energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but it would be great if there was one available. Neither the Tacoma nor the Tundra is designed to accommodate a dually configuration. 

Yes, with enough money and expertise, you can add the dually setup to almost any truck. It’s best to consult professionals if you aren’t used to doing this kind of custom work. 

There is not a diesel Tacoma right now. However, major automotive publications have hinted at Toyota releasing a diesel engine for the Tacoma in the future. 

How Do You Outfit Your Tacoma?

With the dually option primarily out of the equation, what are some ways to modify your truck that still get you excited? You can add performance wheels and tires, install a new suspension, or add fresh lighting.

Even though the lack of dually compatibility is disappointing, there’s no reason to be discouraged. You can still make the Tacoma anything you want it to be and allow it to stand out on the road. 

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