Toyota Tacoma Windshield Replacement Guide (Costs & More)

Broken windshield on your Tacoma? Here are the options available for fixing it, including cost.

Key Points:

  • Sometimes your windshield can be repaired instead of replaced.
  • Expect to pay $250 to $900 without insurance to replace.
  • Both OEM and aftermarket glass are available.
  • Toyota Safety Sense must be recalibrated during replacement.

If you’ve ever broken a windshield, you know how confusing the time may have been. It’s helpful to have a comprehensive Toyota Tacoma windshield replacement guide by your side, walking you through every step. 

Jonathan, our Content Director, recently got a broken windshield while researching a Tacoma for our articles, thanks to a rock while traveling on the highway between Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona. Because of this experience, this article was born.

We cover your biggest concerns, from the average cost for Tacoma windshield replacement to whether it should be repaired or replaced.

Repairing vs Replacing

Just as your tire can sometimes be patched up to avoid replacement, the same is possible with your windshield. Before you start budgeting to have the windshield replaced, let’s discuss your options.

The windshield can usually be repaired if it meets these criteria:

  • Damage must be smaller than the size of a dollar bill
  • Damage is done to the passenger side of the windshield
  • There are three or fewer chips in the windshield to be repaired
  • Glass must be laminated

However, these are some reasons why you may need to have the windshield replaced instead of repaired.

  • Damage is larger than the size of a dollar bill
  • Damage is in the view of the driver, where a repair could hinder visibility
  • There are more than three chips, where repair would make it more susceptible to shattering
  • Damage is in the corner of the windshield, where it can become unstable
  • Glass is tempered
  • Crack or chip has gone more than halfway into the glass
  • Damage is in the view of the sensors that need to be calibrated

The cost of repairing a windshield is typically around $50 and $350. If you need to replace it, it will cost much more, which we look at more in the next section. 


Replacement Cost

The first question you likely have is about the Tacoma windshield replacement cost. What you spend depends upon whether you will pay out of pocket or plan on filing an insurance claim. 

Paying Out of Pocket

If you don’t have insurance coverage, you need to pay for the replacement on your own. You may also choose to do this if you have insurance to avoid having your premiums jacked up in the future. 

User SnowSpartan commented on Tacoma World, saying Safelite quoted $400 for an aftermarket windshield and $800 for OEM. Many of the people responding warned against getting an aftermarket Tacoma windshield. 

In general, you could expect to spend $250 to $900 to replace your Tacoma’s windshield without insurance, based on your trim level, model year, and location. Four-door crew cab windshield replacement is often slightly more than two-door standard or extended cabs. You’ll also spend more if there needs to be any calibration for safety features, such as lane departure detection.

If you want a more accurate estimate, we encourage you to get quotes from local auto glass shops. 

Going Through Insurance

To file a claim with your insurance provider, you need to have either comprehensive or full glass coverage. Both of these add more to your yearly premiums. 

What you end up spending to replace your Tacoma’s windshield through insurance is determined by your deductible. If you have a deductible of $500 and the windshield costs $400, you are going to pay for the whole thing anyway. However, if it costs $750 to replace, you would only be liable for the $500 deductible. 

In some states, insurers cannot charge a deductible on safety glass, so you may not have to pay anything out of pocket.

If you are unsure what coverage you have, reach out to your provider.

Where to Get It Fixed

auto glass repair shop exterior

You have some options when it comes time to replace the windshield or have it repaired. Here are a few possibilities to consider.

Visit a Local Auto Glass Shop

If you have a local glass shop, you can drive your Tacoma there for repair or replacement. Most of these shops offer both aftermarket and OEM options. You can also schedule an appointment to make your wait time shorter.

These shops are going to provide a reasonable cost. In many ways, it could be your cheapest option. 

Use a Mobile Windshield Replacement Service

In some areas, you may be able to find a company that comes to you to repair or replace the windshield. At my used car dealership, a provider often comes to the lot and replaces windshields before we sell the cars. It’s the most convenient option, and the cost isn’t much more than at a shop.

You don’t have to drop off your vehicle or drive anywhere with a broken windshield. However, you need to be careful and follow all of the recommendations by the provider. The outside temperature can affect the glue and adhesives. 

Going to the Dealership

Your final option is to take your truck to the Toyota dealership. The service department isn’t going to offer any aftermarket options, so you will spend more. Additionally, you may have difficulty scheduling if the shop is busy. 

These locations usually ask you to drop off the car and come back later. With that in mind, you will need transportation to and fro. 

OEM vs. Aftermarket Glass

Earlier, we briefly touched on the two options available for your new windshield. You can choose from an aftermarket or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons together.

OEM Pros: 

  • Direct replacement for the glass installed by the factory
  • You know what quality to expect, ensuring complete satisfaction

OEM Cons:

  • Cost more
  • Insurance companies may not cover the entire replacement
  • Occasionally difficult to source the parts if they are on backorder

Aftermarket Pros:

  • Meets or exceeds DOT safety standards
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to find
  • Insurance companies usually cover the replacement (with coverage)

Aftermarket Cons:

  • No quality standards are set
  • May not fit properly, creating leaks or noises
  • Manufacturers recommend avoiding aftermarket windshields due to ADAS (driver-assistance features)


Recalibrating Your Front Camera

toyota tacoma front camera location circled

Toyota Safety Sense relies on a front-facing camera that’s mounted behind the windshield in newer Tacoma models. If you have the windshield replaced, the camera must also be recalibrated to work correctly. 

This only applies to Tacoma model years 2018 and newer. 

If you don’t have the camera recalibrated, you could run into trouble with these vital systems:

(Tacoma Owner’s Manuals)

Should You Replace the Wipers Too?

It’s not necessary to replace the windshield wipers with your windshield. However, if there is dirt or a defect in the blades, you could scratch up your brand-new windshield. 

It’s our recommendation that you change the wipers if they are soon due for a replacement soon. After all, the price of wipers is cheap enough that it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. 

If you choose not to replace them, at least inspect the blades well before replacing the windshield and clean off any debris. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because you only have to pay for the parts and supplies. You can save a lot of money, avoiding the labor charge. Yet, if you don’t have experience replacing windshields or you don’t have the right equipment to calibrate the front camera, you should trust a professional instead. 

It can be. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you have some auto glass knowledge. Yet, there could be a lot of problems if it’s not installed right, from leaks to noise. You also need to know how to calibrate the ADAS and front camera, but you can find these steps online, such as through Mach1services. 

You can, but it can be dangerous if it hinders your visibility. When there’s a crack, the windshield also isn’t as strong, making it more dangerous if you get into an accident. In some locations, it’s also illegal to drive with a broken windshield.

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Taking the Stress Out of Windshield Replacement

Knowing all the options and looking at estimated costs should help you have more confidence when dealing with the replacement. By knowing what’s coming next, you should have less stress.

In reality, it isn’t a big deal to have a windshield replaced, even if it feels overwhelming. Once you get the new windshield installed, you should feel much better. 

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