How to Mount a Fire Extinguisher on a Toyota Tacoma

With a slight history of fire risk, both city commuters and desert off-road enthusiasts should consider adding a fire extinguisher to their Tacoma.

Key Points:

  • The Tacoma has a slight history of fire risk.
  • Optimal locations to mount a fire extinguisher include under the driver's seat, behind either front seat, or in the truck bed.
  • Secure extinguisher mounting products are available but can also be crafted yourself.

If you’ve heard about Toyota Tacoma recalls, you might be considering mounting a fire extinguisher in your truck. I completely understand your worry and want to help you get the right Tacoma fire extinguisher mount for your safety.

In this guide, I discuss where you can mount a fire extinguisher in a Tacoma and look at different mount ideas. I further discuss whether it’s a good idea to have the fire extinguisher in your Tacoma. 

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Mounting Locations

Before you do anything else, you must find a spot for the extinguisher in your Tacoma.

There are four great places to mount your truck’s fire extinguisher:

  1. Under the driver’s seat
  2. Behind the passenger seat
  3. Behind the driver’s seat
  4. In the truck bed

Each location has its benefits and drawbacks, therefore you’ll want to consider what situation you might expect to use your fire extinguisher.

For example, if you’re off-roading in the desert heat, you would want your fire extinguisher mounted inside the vehicle where you have easy access to it in case of an engine fire. Underneath the driver’s seat and behind the passenger seat are most easily accessible for these situations. You can also place it behind the driver’s seat, but it would be more difficult to reach.

Although mounting a fire extinguisher in the truck bed is usually too far out of reach, there are some situations where it may be beneficial. The main advantage that a bed mount provides is that it can be accessed without having to enter the vehicle. For example, this would be good if you were having a campfire and wanted to have this ready in case the fire spreads.


Mounting Options

If you are handy, you may think that making your own fire extinguisher mount is the answer. Sure, it probably wouldn’t take many materials to make this car mount. 

However, it’s very difficult to ensure that the DIY fire extinguisher mount is secure. If you don’t secure it, the extinguisher could get loose during an accident, causing even more trouble.

For this reason, I always recommend buying a fire extinguisher mount over fabricating one. This option provides many benefits, including the following:

  • Safer
  • More secure
  • Easier
  • Saves time

To make your shopping experience easier, I found a few options you might consider. These easy-to-install mounts and racks take the hassle out of the process. Some options don’t even require any drilling.

I tested several different fire extinguisher mounts for various places on the vehicle. Here are the products I used:

For Mounting Under the Driver’s Seat

For mounting underneath the driver’s seat, I used the Bracketeer fire extinguisher bracket. It is a universal fit and I did not have any trouble installing it on the Tacoma.

Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket | Universal Design Fits Most Vehicles

This bracket is compatible with most fire extinguishers and takes less than 15 minutes to install. It can be purchased on Amazon or the Bracketeer website.

For Mounting Behind the Driver or Passenger Seat

To mount the fire extinguisher behind the driver or passenger seat, I used a generic “car trunk organizer strap” that attaches to the seat with velcro.

CANOPUS Car Trunk Organizer with Hook and Loop Fasteners, Back Seat Storage Organizer, Car Size Fire Extinguisher Mount, 2 Piece Strap Down Design, Total 4 Pockets

This was a very simple and cost-effective option for mounting the fire extinguisher. Installation is as easy as placing the velcro strap onto the backside of the seat, then slipping the fire extinguisher into place.

I found this car organizer strip on Amazon.

For Mounting In the Truck Bed

Mounting the fire extinguisher in the truck bed could be a good option in some situations. To do this, I used the bed rail fire extinguisher mount from Outdoorsmens Depot.

Tundra/Tacoma Bed Rail Fire Extinguisher 10-B:C Heavy Duty Horizontal Mount USA

This is custom-fitted for the Tacoma and Tundra. It was very easy to install and the quick-release functionality makes this product fantastic if you want to keep the fire extinguisher outside of the vehicle.

Is It Worth It?

Based on the cost of having a fire extinguisher, you can’t go wrong with adding one in. It’s a minimal expense that provides plenty of peace of mind. 

On top of that, Tacoma owners may have more of a reason to carry a fire extinguisher. First of all, you probably aren’t always gentle with your truck. If you are like me, you take the truck through many precarious situations, whether on- or off-road. These dangerous activities put you at a higher risk for a truck fire.

The Tacoma also has a slight history of possible car fires. There was a voluntary recall for about 690,000 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 and Tacoma Pre-Runner pickups. This recall shows that some rear leaf spring suspension could fracture because of corrosion and stress. With the damaged leaf dislodged, it could contact the fuel tank and puncture it. Once a leak occurs, there’s a higher chance of a truck fire.

Thankfully, there’s a free fix for owners, so you don’t have to worry about this problem.

fire extinguishers and mounts on tacoma bed cover

Here are a few other situations that put you at a higher risk.

  • You aren’t on top of your truck maintenance, leading to mechanical problems that increase the risk exponentially
  • When combustible materials are stored near or in your truck
  • If you smoke in your truck
  • You use sub-par aftermarket components

You’ll never need to use your truck extinguisher if all goes well. The trouble is that you never know what’s going to happen. One day, you may even see another car on fire and rescue those occupants.

If you choose to keep a fire extinguisher in your Tacoma, follow these helpful tips.

  • Choose a Class B or Class C fire extinguisher
  • Keep it secured and strapped down
  • Check it often to ensure its secure
  • Replace it regularly



That saying couldn’t have more meaning than when driving in a pickup truck. There are a lot of incidents that could occur, many of which could change your life. You should always be prepared for any emergency, including a truck fire.

Yet, you don’t want these worries to consume you. Get behind the wheel of your Toyota Tacoma, knowing you are prepared, and enjoy the ride ahead of you. 

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