3rd-Gen Toyota Tacoma Blackout Package (Overview)

A blackout package can be equipped to your Tacoma directly from Toyota or via aftermarket accessories to improve the appearance of your truck.

Key Points:

  • A blackout package adds black accents to the exterior of your Tacoma.
  • Toyota's blackout package includes a tailgate insert, black emblems, and a black chrome exhaust tip.
  • The blackout package is available on the SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and Limited trims. It is included on the Trail Sport Edition.
  • The blackout package typically costs $430.
  • You can create your own blackout package with aftermarket accessories.
  • Certain exterior paint colors pair especially well with the blackout package.

There are many ways to customize the 3rd-gen Toyota Tacoma and make it your own. One possible option is the Toyota Tacoma Blackout Package. This package doesn’t just look sleek, but it also provides several upgrades that make it a great value.

In this guide, we dive deeper into what the Blackout Package is for the Tacoma and what it includes. We also show you what trims and colors can be equipped with this package and offers ways to create it yourself.

What Is a “Blackout” Package?

The Blackout Package is an appearance package that can be added to select Tacoma trim levels. It costs extra, on top of the base price. 

As an appearance package, there’s no enhancement to performance in any way. Instead, there are added accessories provided with the Tacoma to change the look. With this package, you get some upgraded exterior black accents that give the Tacoma a stealthy, sporty appearance. 

It’s designed to improve the appearance and make it stand out. If you appreciate the look, this package can add a nice touch of customization. 

What’s Included

toyota tacoma blackout package close up

There aren’t a lot of added features with the Blackout Package. When added to your compatible trim level, you receive the following features:

  • Blacked-out tailgate insert
  • Blackout exterior emblem overlays
  • Black chrome exhaust tip

This exterior aesthetic package may not seem like a lot, but it does change the appearance. 


Compatible Trim Levels

toyota tacoma with blackout package

You can’t opt for the Blackout Package with every Tacoma model. It’s only available with these trim levels:

  • SR5
  • TRD Sport
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Limited

The Trail Sport Edition can’t be equipped with the Blackout Package, but it doesn’t need it. This Tacoma trim already comes equipped with black emblems.

Additionally, you can’t choose the Blackout Package for a TRD Pro Tacoma. This truck model already has a black exhaust pipe and emblems. You can also upgrade the black tailgate insert for additional money, so you would essentially have the same package. 



Accessory packages add an extra cost to the Tacoma build. On top of the MSRP and other features you select, you may spend another $430 to add the Blackout Package to your Tacoma.

However, pricing can vary slightly depending on your location, dealership, and the trim level chosen. Speak with your local dealership to get more information. 

Creating Your Own Blackout Package

toyota tacoma side view with blackout package

There are options available to you if you don’t want to pay for the Blackout Package or if you want to create your own. With a vast selection of aftermarket accessories, you can create whatever look you desire.

Here are some options that look interesting to us.

  • Blackout Emblem Overlays, available on Amazon. The overlays install directly on top of the emblems for a quick and easy installation.
  • PureTacoma sells many blackout parts, including window deflectors, emblems, and a front bumper. 
  • Etsy has some unique options for overlays, hood scoops, tailgate inserts, and more. 
  • ExtremeTerrain also has a fantastic selection of grilles for the Tacoma. 

You can also choose one, two, or all three upgrades by performing your own customization. There’s no need to do it all if you are only interested in one aspect. You can also add even more than what the Blackout Package offers, such as installing black taillights. 

TacomaBeast offers a nice set of taillights, or you could check out the option from AKKON sold on Amazon. 

The only thing to be careful of when choosing aftermarket parts is fitment. Because these aren’t OEM, you could run into trouble if you don’t do your research. We also recommend researching the brand and reading through customer reviews before purchasing any aftermarket accessories.

Colors That Pair Well

It’s difficult to visualize how the Blackout Package would look on different Tacoma colors. Looking at the 2023 Tacoma colors, we can offer our recommendations and thoughts about compatibility. 

Honestly, both I and Jonathan, our content director, agree that the Blackout Package adds depth to every color. Here are a few of our favorites to consider. 

  • Black: The Blackout Package is an excellent fit with the black exterior, especially if you plan to blackout the wheels and other parts to create a stealthy appearance. While some may think it’s too much black, we love the full dark look. 
  • Electric Lime: You may not initially think the bright electric lime color would pair well with black, but it does. The black trim offers the perfect amount of offset for a nice balance. 
  • Ice Cap: We love the black and white combination of this truck. In fact, we agree that it looks better than the chrome that comes with this color. Pair it with a set of black wheels for an even better look. 
  • Lunar Rock: The Blackout Package looks far better in this color than the chrome badging and exhaust. Make the upgrade for a sleeker appearance. 

If you can add even more black pieces to these colors, it would be even more head-turning. Consider some of the upgrades we mentioned earlier.

Blackout Packages From Other Manufacturers

nissan frontier midnight edition

If you aren’t sold on the Tacoma yet, other manufacturers are offering a similar blackout package. It’s worth your time to look into all of them to see which one might fit your needs better.

  • Nissan’s Midnight Edition offers both black wheels and black interior trim
  • RAM’s Night Edition provides black detailing of the grille badge, upgraded exhaust tips, and new badging 
  • Ford’s Black Appearance Package supplies you with upgraded wheels, decals, exhaust tips, and more

Depending on the amount of accessories provided, the pricing could be more than what you would spend with the Tacoma. Before making a decision, compare the options side-by-side.

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